Prime Properties TO Team

Zhen Liang

Founder, Broker of Record & Real Estate Investing Coach

Zhen is the President and Broker of Record of RE/MAX Excel Advantage Realty, the brokerage which houses the PPTO brand.


Growing up as an immigrant in Toronto was difficult. I was constantly forced to move around from property to property. During my childhood, I moved 12 times and never had a place that I could truly call home. This insecurity and instability presented many obstacles and challenges for me when I was younger, especially since I saw my single mother struggle to make ends meet. I knew I had to change my lifestyle for myself and my family. I followed the traditional path that most immigrant families live by, that is, go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. I went to the University of Waterloo, graduated and got a job out of school that paid well. Little did I know though that my world would eventually get turned upside down by an unexpected email notifying me that my corporate job would be terminated. Luckily, I had my real estate license and could pursue this further while being out of a job in the corporate world. This was a blessing and a curse as I could still make a living with my real estate license even without a full-time corporate job, but to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of selling real estate at the time. I had a disliking for the real estate profession and understood why there are so many bad stereotypes for Realtors. However, after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it changed my perspective and way of thinking. I was inspired to start my real estate investing career. I became entranced and engulfed with everything related to real estate investing. I consumed thousands of hours of podcasts, tons of books, and attended countless training seminars to be a better real estate investor. It was fantastic!

Even though at the beginning it was a rocky relationship with my Realtor career, it eventually struck me one day – I could help my clients do what I did with real estate investing in order to create wealth, retire early, have financial freedom and most importantly, have options in life outside of the 9-5 grind. With that mindset, I set out to create Prime Properties TO out of sheer frustration with the lack of transparency in the real estate profession and so that I can better serve and educate the public on how to correctly invest in real estate. I’ve helped clients create thousands of dollars in cash flow and more than millions in equity gains since embarking on this journey with Prime Properties TO. I’ve been lucky enough to find a true passion in real estate and it’s been fulfilling to know that I’m able to use my knowledge and expertise to help many others reach their goals and dreams as well. 


Zhen has many years of real estate experience and is a fully licensed Realtor, Broker of Record, Certified Negotiation Expert and Member of the Toronto Real Estate Board. Zhen is the owner of the RE/MAX Excel Advantage Realty Brokerage. He has closed many large residential and commercial deals, which has allowed him to develop a depth and breadth of knowledge in real estate. He is highly efficient, very logical, has strong analytical skills, is reliable in the utmost and does not waiver in his integrity. Contact Zhen to see how he can help you realize your real estate goals today.


I love exploring the lush green lands of nature with a nice cup of Aero Pressed coffee. When I’m not trekking through random forests, I love wine, food, working out and watching basketball.

A Minh Luong

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Zhen and I share very similar immigrant backgrounds, and this is perhaps one of my main sources of inspiration in helping Zhen co-found Prime Properties TO. With huge communication barriers in Canada, my parents struggled to make ends meet. However, seeing how difficult it was for my parents, I was highly self-motivated to make something of myself. I was fortunate that years of hard work eventually paid off and I was able to reach my financial goals when I had the means to move my entire family into a place that we could call our permanent home – that was my foray into real estate and I haven’t looked back since. Despite reaching my goals through working a corporate job and saving my earnings, I simply knew it wasn’t going to be enough in the long haul to build wealth so I plunged into the journey of real estate investing and uncovered a whole new world of possibilities.

By profession, I’m a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) with 10+ years as an audit professional and leader. Being a highly analytical, strategic thinker and client-centric by way of my business background and accounting accreditation, I bring a unique set of skills to the PPTO Team. Although I’m a CPA, CA, my passion lies in the design, branding and digital marketing space. Behind the scenes, I’m the creative lightbulb for PPTO. I’m constantly thinking about building new platforms and educational mediums to better enhance the holistic PPTO experience for new and existing clients, along with driving valuable, fresh content ideas forward to the PPTO YouTube channel.


I believe in living life to its fullest through adventures around the world, eating good food, and enjoying a glass of wine. When I’m not roaming the world, I enjoy playing sports and gushing over cute puppies.

Arnie San Agustin

Realtor & Toronto Condos Expert


Looking back, from an early age sales has always been something I’ve excelled at, albeit unknowingly. From flipping items on Kijiji at 15, to reselling tickets, and eventually starting my own landscaping company, this “go  getter” mindset of mine has always been a huge part of my life. What started as a means to an end in funding my initial investment property has turned into a fulfilling career in real estate.

One of the compliments that I hold dearly is having a down-to-earth personality that naturally keeps my clients comfortable, at all levels, with asking questions throughout the entire transaction. Whether you’re buying a home or looking for your next investment, I’m always happy to provide insight and an unbiased opinion. With an analytical approach, my goal is to keep you confidently informed and in charge of the process from start to finish. I bring the same level of energy and heart to each client interaction.

Although the markets have changed substantially since purchasing my first home, I naturally gravitate towards investment properties and pre-construction units. Having gone through the process myself multiple times already, it’s easy to empathize and appreciate finding someone to bypass the nonsense and noise surrounding that initial purchase.

With a work ethic that’s responsible for being the backbone of my success along with an ongoing willingness to learn, I’ve been able to maintain an edge in the industry. Filling the role of that close friend you wish you had when deciding on investment properties, I help clients find that “Wait… that’s possible??” moment and then guide them through what’s within reach via real estate. These are the small joys that being a full-time agent brings to me, personally.


I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and find the joy in our harsh Canadian winters by hitting the slopes with a snowboard.

Cathrina Alano

Client Care Manager


Cathrina is a strong, forward-looking individual with great ambitions. Coming to Canada as an International Student by herself has been one of the biggest challenges and difficulties that Cathrina has faced thus far. Despite having to leave her family behind in her home country, she was up for the challenge because she knew that there would be many opportunities for her in Canada. Through her hard work and commitment to making the most out of her opportunities, she graduated from Evergreen College with a Diploma in Business Administration with Honors in December of 2019.

She knew that the path to success wasn’t going to be easy but as they say, success is a mindset. Over the years, Cathrina has learned that keeping a positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances.

It’s for this reason that for everything she does, she always strives to perform and deliver results to the best of her abilities through administrative excellence, integrity and precision in order to achieve business goals and customer success.

With over 5 years of administration and customer service experience, Cathrina has been able to hone in on her craft. In particular, her depth of knowledge within the Real Estate Industry has allowed her to gain valuable skills and experience that are of utmost importance in her current role as a Client Care Manager at Prime Properties TO. She provides valuable back-end support to the PPTO Team and if you’re a client of ours, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing Cathrina’s exceptional level of customer service. Cathrina looks forward to helping set clients up for success in their individual real estate journeys! 


In her free time, Cathrina enjoys exploring new places with family and friends. She also enjoys biking, playing pickleball and tennis, and watching movies.